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One of the first female doctors of her generation, Dr Nadia Payot developed her scientific expertise to contribute to the beauty of women. 


With a focus on resplendent beauty with a healthy glow, Dr Nadia Payot created a genuine beauty secret in 1947.



Imitated, but never duplicated, it has been handed down from generation to generation and adopted by all for decades.

With a formula that has remained unchanged since it was created, PÂTE GRISE effectively treats minor spots and blemishes.


Today, PAYOT is going a step further and adapting all the properties of its famous pâte grise to a new day care product for on-the-go use by turning the incredible PÂTE GRISE formula into stick format and adding a concealing effect.  A fabulous feat for guaranteed success!


A NEW CULT PRODUCT?  A practical, complementary and on-the-go version





Complementary to PÂTE GRISE, STICK COUVRANT PÂTE GRISE is the essential ally to flawless skin!

A tinted purifying concealer stick, enriched in shale extract, the ultra-effective natural active ingredient used in the famous PÂTE GRISE for boosted purifying action.



  • Accelerates the blemish maturing process, at any stage, to get them to vanish quickly during the day.
  • Precisely hides and conceals minor blemishes at the end of their cycle.



Apply directly to blemishes as often as needed. The pigments blend seamlessly into the skin and discreetly disguise blemishes!


On sale as of October 2015 in brand distributors, institutes, spas, beauty shops and department stores. List of retail outlets:



  • Ichthyol pale (purified shale extract): bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, anti- seborrhoea.

Helps to purify targeted areas by neutralising bacteria.


  • WITCH HAZEL EXTRACT: purifies and dries


  • PIGMENTS: naturally conceal minor blemishes.


SHALE, a sedimentary rock extracted from the Jura mountain range. A powerful bactericide, shale is formed from clay that has settled at the bottom of a calm body of water. Purified shale extract, with anti-seborrheic and anti-inflammatory properties, deep-cleanses and purifies blemishes.


Proven results*:

The blemish disappears more quickly: 86%

Reduces the size of the blemish: 86%

Conceals the blemish: 100%



Distinctly recognisable, its jar has become just as famous as its formula!

Presented in a small and charming, contoured glass jar, this emergency night care is suitable for all skin types, without exception.






Ultra-effective and targeted action:


  • Accelerates the blemish maturing process and eliminates spots
  • Visibly controls excess sebum and promotes the elimination of blemishes
  • Locally soothes sensitised areas


A legendary formula:


  • Shale extracts: cause minor blemishes to mature more quickly and neutralise bacteria.
  • Talc: absorbs impurities and sebum
  • Zinc oxide: protects skin from aggressions, thanks to its natural anti-bacterial properties. Combined with talc, it helps dry out imperfections.
  • Sweet almond: calms and soothes inflammation


Beauty Secrets:


Every evening, apply this thick ointment with a cotton swab directly to target areas, after thoroughly cleansing skin.


On sale in brand distributors, institutes, spas, beauty shops and department stores. List of retail outlets:




Bound to the medical expertise of its founder, PAYOT has always maintained high standards of effectiveness to offer women high quality products which deliver immediately visible results.


Dr PAYOT SOLUTION is naturally a legacy of medical expertise fostering beauty: a range of skincare suitable for all skin types and skin that is frequently confronted with temporary problems (irritation, dryness, redness, wrinkles, minor blemishes, etc.).





  • PÂTE GRISE to deep cleanse and accelerate the blemish maturing process at night.
  • SPÉCIALE 5 to dry out and promote the healing of minor blemishes after treatment with PÂTE GRISE.
  • STICK COUVRANT PÂTE GRISE to conceal and disguise blemishes at any time of day.



  • CRÈME N°2 to soothe diffuse redness, irritation and burns.
  • STICK SOS ROUGEURS to disguise localised redness.
  • CICAEXPERT to repair superficial skin damage and CC EXPERT SPF 50+ to protect and conceal.



  • COLD CREAM CONDITIONS EXTRÊMES SPF 30 to protect the skin from extreme conditions.

Q: “Why are the Pearl Gel and the Hydra-Seal great products to recommend for younger skins?”
IDC: Pearl Gel and Hydra Seal are great for younger skins because this moisturizing routine will help postpone the apparition of signs of aging. Until 25, a consumer can take care of all her skin needs by exclusively cleansing, moisturizing and by applying a SPF if the skin is regularly exposed to the sun.

Q: “How can I know what IDC product is suitable for what skin type?”
IDC: IDC’s products are specifically formulated for all skin types. However, different skin types tend to have different preferences.
- Dry skins tend to prefer using the Integral Cleanser-Milk rather than the Pearl Gel, for its moisturizing properties.
- Oily skins tend to prefer the Pearl Gel rather than the Integral Cleanser-Milk, for tis purifying properties. .
- Normal-oily skins tend to prefer moisturizing gels such as the Hydragel or Powergel and their lighter textures.
- Dry skins tend to prefer a richer cream, such as the Hydra-Seal.
Anti-Aging Serums:
- The suitability of an IDC Anti-Aging serum will depend on the signs of aging targeted by said serum and the customer’s age.

Q: “How do I know if I should use a product during the day or at night?”

IDC: IDC products are formulated to be used day and night, twice a day. However we recommend that all products containing SPF, such as the Regen Express Perfection or the Hydra-Seal SPF 25 be used during the day. The Ideal Multi Correction and its instant lift and light effect is also recommended for use in the morning, while more concentrated and richer serums, such as the Anti-Wrinkle and Firming, are perfect for use at night since the skin is more open for in depth correction while sleeping.

Q: “What does ECM2 synthesis means?”
IDC: ECM stands for “extracellular matrix” and synthesis is a synonymous of “production”.
ECM2 synthesis is the production of molecules in the extracellular matrix. Between these molecules, we find various proteins; of which the most well known are collagen, elastin and fibronectin. They are responsible for the skin’s structure, elasticity and firmness.
REGEN-16 targets the ECM in two different ways. It stimulates the ECM synthesis to generate additional proteins such as collagen, elastin and fibronectin, while simultaneously moderating the activity of several enzymes, such as collagenases and elastases, responsible of the degradation of these proteins.

Q: “How can I figure out the age of my skin and the right IDC routine to use?”
IDC: The key is looking closely at your skin’s signs of aging. If they tend to be winkles, lack of firmness, uneven complexion and under eye puffiness, your skin age will be 35+. If your main signs are deep wrinkles, loss of elasticity, visible dryness and age spots, your skin age will be 50+.
If no signs of aging have appeared yet, proper skin cleansing and moisturising will be key, with for example a combination of the Pearl Gel and Regen Express. Remember, prevention is as important as correction.

Q: “Do you have concentration comparisons with other brands?”
IDC: Inspired by its pharmaceutical heritage and its methodologies, IDC is looking to bring a new level of transparency to the cosmetic industry. This explains why we actually show on our packaging the percentages of cosmetic ingredients used in our formulas. However, because the cosmetic industry does not require revealing such information, very few brands actually do so; hence we do not have official comparisons to give.

Nevertheless, on average, we would say that the cosmetic industry uses between 2 to 10% of cosmetic ingredients in their products, depending on the type of product (cleanser, moisturizer, serum…).

Q: “Do the Pearl Gel and Integral Cleanser Milk remove waterproof make-up?”
IDC: These two products were not specifically formulated to remove waterproof make-up. However they will remove all other types of make-up, and the Integral Cleanser Milk will also remove non-waterproof eye make-up.

Q: “Why should I use a moisturizer if the Regen 16 already contains moisturizing agents?
IDC: Hydration is a key mechanism linked to the appearance of signs of aging; therefore Regen 16 includes the necessary ingredients to address it. However the skin’s physiological need for moisturization is so important that we recommend using a moisturizer as the third step of our routines, unless you are using a multifunctional product such as Regen Express.

Q: “How do I know that all your active ingredients will be correctly delivered to my skin, and what delivery systems do you use?”
IDC: A team of dermatologists, plastic surgeons and scientists spent over 5 years designing the Regen 16 in order to ensure that the diversity of cosmetic molecules and excipients synergistically work together and offer the best bioavailability possible.
Additionally, IDC products are clinically tested and results are regularly published in scientific journals demonstrating our product’s excellent results. We are fully transparent and are proud of our product’s effectiveness.

Q: “Do all the molecules contained in REGEN-16 work well together?”
IDC: Yes, they do and we are very proud of this. A team of dermatologists, plastic surgeons and scientists spent over 2 years formulating the technology, ensuring optimal bioavailability, stability and security for the skin. This complex process and our team’s expertise is yet another reason why Regen 16 is unique.

In 2000 Alpha-H created Liquid Gold, a skin resurfacing treatment which uses a state of the art, low pH delivery system to effectively diminish wrinkles, pigmentation and sun damage. Having quickly become a cult favourite amongst makeup artists, clinicians and beauty writers such as Zoe Foster (author of the iconic beauty publication Amazing Face), Liquid Gold subsequently went on to become a global best seller... but there are probably a few things you didn't know about this "can't live without" product (a claim made by none other than Ruth Crilly from the popular 'A Model Recommends' Beauty Blog) that may just surprise you…






From Bahrain to Biarritz, from Cape Town to Coventry, Liquid Gold is now so popular that Alpha-H sells one of its iconic 100ml bottles every minute of every hour, of every day, globally!






Alpha-H may be owned and manufactured on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia, but the name “Liquid Gold” has nothing to do with its geographical origins... When Michelle Doherty was formulating the product, she asked a beauty therapist colleague for her feedback on the prototype. And the response after just one application: “Michelle, it’s amazing - it’s like Liquid Gold!”






Famous for its speedy results, Liquid Gold smoothes and brightens your skin while you sleep… The secret is in the 5% Glycolic Acid; a natural fruit acid most commonly derived from Sugarcane. Approximately 95% of Australia’s Sugarcane is grown in Queensland so we’re pretty confident we can always keep you stocked with your Liquid Gold!






As anyone who’s tried Liquid Gold will know, when you apply it to your skin at night it tingles momentarily… The reason is the low pH… and by dropping the pH of your skin we make it work harder to reset itself. That’s why your skin feels firmer in the morning, because it’s literally had “a workout”! So… while you sleep, your skin works out… Now if only the gym were that simple!






Fruit acids have been used in anti-ageing preparations for thousands of years by many different cultures… The Greeks and Romans are said to have used Tartaric Acid, in the form of Grape Juice, as a tonic to brighten their skin, whilst Cleopatra is said to have favoured milk baths containing Lactic Acid, to cleanse and soften her skin… Fortunately with Liquid Gold, you won’t need a tubful. Each individual application is roughly 5ml’s which also makes it one of the most cost effective anti-ageing products you’ll ever use!






Liquid Gold contains Liquorice Root or Glycyrrhiza Glabra - also known as “sweet root”; a legume plant native to Southern Europe, Australia and parts of Asia. Revered for its soothing properties, Liquorice Root also contains a compound called Glabridin which brightens the skin, making it effective to improve the appearance of sun damage and pigmentation…






Liquid Gold isn’t just for your face... Alpha-H therapists recommend it to their clients to use all over the body in-between waxing appointments or 24 hours after depilation. Reducing the build up of dead skin cells in those areas may also help reduce the incidence of problematic and in-grown hairs…






Try wiping over with Liquid Gold before applying your favourite deep cleansing mask… The natural fruits acids exfoliate dead skin cells and excess oil from the pores, to help your clay mask draw out more impurities!







If you’re fighting the good fight against ageing then don’t forget your hands… Age spots are only a good look on antiques! Wipe over the back of your hands at night to keep them looking as young as your face!







Ever had a self-tanning disaster??? If home bronzing should ever leave you looking more Tangerine than Tanned Goddess then reach for the Liquid Gold! Ditto any telltale Tanning-faux pas like stained elbows, knees or ankles! Remember the motto: “Wipe on the Gold, wipe off the orange!”



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