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Uriage 1Er Isophy Nasal Natural Decongestant Spray for Eyes and Nose (100ml)

Subcategory: Anti-Irritation
Packing: Spray
Size: 100ml
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The mucous membrane of the nasal cavity is fragile and vulnerable to bacteria, viruses, cold and pollution. It can react by producing copious quantities of mucus. The regular evacuation of thuis fluid is important for babies and young children who do not know how to blow their noses. Uriage Baby Isophy Nasal Spray 100ml is recommended for the gentle cleansing of nostrils that become blocked due to an allergy or infection. It moistens the mucous membrane and facilitates the evacuation of excess mucus. Contains 1 spray and 2 nose tips.
Eau Thermale d'Uriage 100%
Follow the paediatrician’s advice to blow our baby's nose. Several methods can be used (cotton, aspiration baby nose-blower, bulb-syringe...). Introduce the nasal tip into the beginning of the nostril and press for a short time on the tip. Indication:

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