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Self Check Test Gluten Intolerance Test

Subcategory: Health Test
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Sterile rapid test for the detection of gluten intolerance, also known as coeliac disease. 

Fast and reliable. Visible result within 10 minutes. 

Kit includes:
Everything you need to carry out a full test: Test strip, lancet, alcohol swab, sample buffer solution, tube with glass capillary, instruction leaflet.

Why test for gluten intolerance?

 Gluten intolerance is a lifelong genetically inherited intestinal disorder, where the inner surface of the small intestine is damaged through the ingestion of gluten. 

Gluten intolerance is manifested with a range of symptoms ranging from mild weakness, bone pain, aphtous stomatitis to chronic diarrhoea, abdominal bloating and weight loss. 

All these symptoms are very unpleasant and contribute towards overall deterioration of one’s well-being.

Who is this test for?

Everyone, who thinks they may be gluten intolerant and who suffer from inexplicable digestive problems. 

Testing at home allows you to take control of your own health. 

Gluten intolerance can have debilitating influence on one’s life, and early indication allows you to visit the doctor and take further steps toward diagnosing coeliac disease.

1 x safety lancet

Alcohol swap

Glass capillary

Foil punch containing the test strip

Buffer solution

Collect a sample of blood from your fingertip, dilute in a baffer solution and drop the test strip in the baffer solution

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